This Northern MN resort is a great place for quiet relaxing vacations and amazing fishing. Our family has always had a great Minnesota fishing trip on Sand Lake, always catching our limit of walleye.
Howard & Ava Mcgill
Flora, Indiana


Fishing Sand Lake from Driftwood Resort

Driftwood Resort rests on the shores of one of Minnesota’s top walleye fisheries: Sand Lake.  Sand Lake is has 4,300 acres of open water with depths of up to 70 feet and has access to 6 other lakes along the Bowstring Chain.  Over 80,000 fingerling & yearling walleyes have been stocked regularly for the last five years assuring that you will always get a great catch. Driftwood resort has long had a good reputation as a great Minnesota fishing resort. You can always count on finding everything you need here at Driftwood; bait, gas, boat & motor rental, on-site boat launching, & a well maintained fish cleaning house.  Guests return year after year for the great fishing and hospitality.



Northern Pike

Perch & Panfish


Fishing the Seasons

Walleye Fishing
Early season water temperatures can be slow to rise on Sand Lake and it’s not uncommon to find fish using the shallower waters at first, moving toward the deeper structure as the water warms.  Start your fishing trip with some time spent on the weed beds of about 4 - 12 feet of water moving to the deeper holes and humps of 20 - 30 feet of water has the temp rises. Walleyes work the shallow drop-off areas where minnows run as soon as temperatures reach the mid-50 range, and they continue to use these shallow edges well into the summer. Weed edges, Clam beds and rocks are all good locations to fish Walleye.  Walleyes are attracted to subdued and natural looking jig color or darker minnows like Rainbows and Dace.  For technique, try fishing your jig with a light pumping or a slow swimming action.  Another great pattern for early season Walleye on Sand Lake is a slip bobber rigged with a small jig and a lively leech while fishing inner edges of weed flats and seeking out areas of cabbage weeds.  As the water warms in early summer, some Walleyes stay in weed beds, but large numbers move to deeper edges of shoreline bars and points.  Those fish in deeper waters can be caught on any common Walleye fishing presentations, for instance, live bait rigs with medium length snells, 4 to 6 feet, and tipped with leeches or crawlers will produce good catches of Walleye. 

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Sand Lake Map

Crappie Fishing
Crappies are present in abundance in Sand and the surrounding lakes, and the quality is excellent. Early season Crappies use the weed beds near deep water and remain in these areas for most of the summer. During late summer and fall, Crappies use deep drop-off edges and areas where remnants of “Crappie Cribs” placed during the 1980s continue to hold fish. There are several deeper rock bars located throughout the Sand Lake and Crappies frequently use these deep edges of these bars as well.

Northern Pike Fishing
Sand Lake is loaded with Northern Pike, generally small in size and highly active especially during cool water periods.  Northern Pike are extremely aggressive and very tasty making them one of the coveted fish to catch.  Sand is the kind of lake that families go out of their way for to harvest some of these tasty, albeit small fish.  (As hard as it is at the time, should you catch a Larger Pike it should be returned to the lake to help control the huge population of smaller Pike.)  We suggest you hunt weed bed edges, casting or trolling with crank baits, or jigging with live minnow bait for the most success in Northern Pike fishing.  

Perch & Panfish Fishing
You’ll find Perch and Pan fish if you hunt the main lake bars and weed lines with a plain hook or small jig and night crawler.  Vertical jigging and bobber fishing are your best choices for catching theses fun-to-catch and tasty critters. 

Bass Fishing
Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass are present in adequate numbers to provide opportunities for anglers who like to explore the shallows and back bays

Fishing the Seasons

Spring Fishing
The early May Fishing Opener is a great experience on Sand Lake.  The walleye congregate in the shallow water of 4 to 8 feet making them easy pickings.  While the Walleyes are holding to the shallows, you’ll find many Crappie in the deeper holes and Bass will be holed up in the back bays feeding on just about everything from craw fish to minnows.

Summer Fishing
In the summer when the sun is high in the sky, you’ll want to hunt the deeper holes and shadowed bays.  In early mornings and evenings, concentrate on deep holes, ledges, weed beds, and humps – any structure that provides a shaded place for fish to feed.

Fall Fishing
Our favorite time of the year is the Fall Fishing Season. Nearly every species becomes more aggressive as they gorge themselves in preparation for the long winter ahead. Just remember one thing - hang on to your line with both hands, because when they hit that lure you're going to have a fight on your hands!

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